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The Flor Fina Series derives its name from an ornate label on a cigar box. The Casa de Flores Series refers to personal metaphors for home.

This collection of mostly cigar shaped forms, wrapped in plant-like textures, are as much reflective musings as they are  responses to the natural world of color, form and texture.  


FF Pink Sea Template.jpg
FF Zero too Template.jpg
FF One Zero Zero Template.jpg
FF Yellow Earth Template.jpg
FF Green EarthTemplate.jpg
FF Yellow Earth TooTemplate.jpg
FF GreenSea Too Template.jpg
FF Orange Too Template.jpg
FF Green TooTemplate.jpg
FF White Earth Template.jpg
FF Pink Earth Template.jpg
FF Blue Earth Template.jpg
FF Yellow Sea Too Template.jpg
CdF PinkTemplate.jpg
CdF GreenTemplate.jpg
CdF Red Template.jpg
CdF Yellow NestTemplate.jpg
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